Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas Fun!

My sister and I decided this year to give the kids in the family homemade gifts. She is my only niece so far so I may have gone a little overboard this year (its also her first Christmas). But hey what are aunties for! There are a few more things that I still have to make for her. But I will add pic of those when they are done. I have also started my Christmas baking this week and I started with some sugar cookies. I love any excuse to have fun with my baking so I made some Veggie Tales Bob and Larry Sugar Cookies for my Boys Sunday school classes. Im pretty sure I will be that nerdy mom that brings baked goodies for every occasion! I'm super exited for that!!!

Felt Donuts for my Niece

Veggie Tales Sugar Cookies!


  1. Keep it up Kristy...GREAT JOB!

  2. Waiting for the cake pop tutorial!!! Preferably in person :)


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