Thursday, December 8, 2011

Blast from the past

I was talking to my dad yesterday and he suggested posting all of my cakes and baking things I have done.  I don't want to just do a post full of pictures.  For one thing it would take forever for the pictures to load :) and also everything I've done has been an adventure in itself.  Whether the reason behind the project or a new technique I figured out, they all have a little story behind them.  So I will slowly add my older things in amongst the new ones.  And so I dug out my high school photo album and found this picture from either grade 10 or 11, can't remember anymore.  But I entered this cake in our Fall Fair and it won first place.  I was so proud of this cake. I heard about the contest category the day before entry's were due and got my parents to go out and get all the things I needed and was up very late getting it ready to enter.  The book I had told me to use a pound cake, but that took a lot of ingredients that I didn't want my parents to have to buy so we made a brownie...which we ended up burning...good thing taste wasn't part of the judging! Now to clarify a bit about the "competition", I could just leave it at "I won 1st place" and have you think I took the competition my storm (haha), but truth be told we lived in a very small town and there was only 2 other cakes entered...  But now you have seen my very first cake!

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