Thursday, June 21, 2012

Spring Cupcakes

It has been a ridiculously long time since my last post.  But life has been crazy busy and my blog is always the first thing to be put on the back burner for me.  I find it hard to do regularly but will continue when I have time/remember to do it.

In April I was asked to make some cupcakes for a small bridal shower.  They had asked for 30 cupcakes but 3 different flavors.  Up until this point I had usually just used store bought box cake mixes.  But those make 24 for each box, and I needed 10 of each flavor. So I started looking up scratch cake recipes.  And found a few and combined a few others. In the end I had 10 Chocolate cupcakes with raspberry filling, 10 French Vanilla cupcakes with vanilla pudding filling and 10 Lemon cupcakes all of them had cream cheese frosting and a fondant flower on them.  I think they turned out really well and from what I've heard they were a hit at the party!

I have some fun baking and crafting things I've done lately, but we'll see how long those take to get on here...

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Simple Solutions

 The house we are currently renting is an older home and as with any older home there is uneven floors and walls.  Our bedroom door as well as baby girls room door have two "setting" either shut tight or wide open.

And so my husbands dress shoes were recruited as door stops. Which was good for a while, but when your are trying to make a quick getaway from a grumpy, half sleeping child, having to quickly position said shoe dose not help.

So here is my Simple Solution to this problem.  I will apologize in advance, I have no measurements for this project at all.  I tend not to measure things...oops!

 1. Cut a rectangular piece or fabric.  I used fleece because it would slide quietly on our hard floors.
2. Sew the short sides together to create a tube.
3. Sew to lines down the length of the tube.  The middle space should be the width of the door it will go under.
4. Sew up one end creating three pockets. I realized my was too big so I cut it in half, which worked out well because I wanted to make two anyways.

5. I don't have a funnel that works well with rice so I just stapled a piece of paper together and it worked really well.
6. I found to fill it on your own with little mess it was best to insert funnel into the pocket and then hold it up on the table.
7. Then pour your rice into the funnel or whatever other weight you want to use. I used about a cup.
8. Then lift the funnel and fabric up together and it all slides right in! Pin the top closed when its full.

9. Leave the middle pocket empty. Fill the last pocket with cotton batting or fabric scraps.  The first one I made I had rice in both sides but when I tried to close the door the rice was to heavy to make it over the metal runner under the door.
10. Pin the final pocket closed
11. Sew it all together.
12. Not the prettiest little thing but its Finished!

 Have the pocket with the rice on the inside of the room to catch the weight of the door and the batting stuffed pocket will keep it snug on the door so it stays with the door sliding both ways.

I am still new to the blogging world and even newer to creating tutorials.  So I really hope it all makes sense. I have been working on a few things lately and hope to get them up on here soon.

Have a wonderful day!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Crazy busyness!

Sorry I have not had any posts in a while.  Life has been rather fast paced lately. But I have been working on some fun projects that I hope to finish up and have out soon.  I haven't done this much sewing in a long time! Its been really fun, but hard to find the time and space for it.  One day I will have a craft room again... I hope! But until I can get things together here are some pics of our beautiful snow on our yard.

This is the view I get from my kitchen window while doing dishes after the little ones are sleeping.  I'm not that good a photographer but the sunsets coming through our trees are very pretty.

 This was after our first really big dump of snow.  Baby girl was very interested in what had happened to our yard.  

It feels like it has been a long winter this year, and more of it to come.  It is starting to warm up, but with all the trees on our yard I think the snow will stay a little longer here. At least the kiddos like it!
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