Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Old and upcoming birthdays

It has been a while since my last post, and I apologize for that.  Life with three kids can get really crazy sometimes, and time just gets away from you! I have been very preoccupied with my baby girls upcoming 1st birthday, as well as a valentines day party we are having at our house for the kids. For the boys birthdays I have always known what I was going to do for the party and cake at least 4 months in advance, but this time around I just couldn't get it all together.  I think I have finally figured out my theme for it and its only two weeks away! So while it is on my mind I thought I would share the boys first birthday cakes.

 This was the first cake (cupcakes I guess) that I got to do for my kids, for N's birthday  It was also the first time I ever used gel food coloring, and now know that you need to add a lot more then I did here to get the colors you want! I always said I would never buy a cake for my kids, and now it has become quite the hobby for me which is awesome!

This was J's first birthday cake.  I had gotten the giant cupcake mold for my birthday and was very excited to use it! I haven't used it since but now that I have a little girl I'm sure it will get its use! It was a lot of fun decorating this one too! We did a combined birthday this time with a friend of ours.

I realized the other day that first birthdays have always been cupcakes, so keeping with tradition S's first birthday with have cupcakes too! I will post pictures after the party!

I have also been working on some crafting projects. One is for my niece and will have to ask my sister if I can post pics of it later, since it has her picture on it.  And the other one is a chore chart for the boys, I am hoping to make a tutorial for that one, but am waiting for the weather to be nicer to do some spray painting.

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