Saturday, February 25, 2012

Fundraiser Fun

My husband is a Youth Pastor and tomorrow we are having a dessert auction for their missions trip coming up.  So I offered to make some entries.  I had lots of fun with it and got to try some new techniques.

Chocolate dipped pretzel rods

Chocolate cupcakes with raspberry filling, cream cheese icing, and fondant rose. It was really fun learning how to make the roses!

 Chocolate cupcakes with raspberry filling, cream cheese icing, and "metallic" sprinkles.  The sprinkles had been in my stocking this Christmas and I was waiting to use them for something.  I also tried a pipping technique to make it look somewhat like a rose.

Cherry Chip cupcakes with a vanilla pudding filling, Smarties and butter cream icing. I found a picture years ago in a  magazine of "Pie Cupcakes" and thought they looked really fun! 

Chocolate Cupcake Pops

Chocolate Cake Pop Flowers with white chocolate coating

This was my attempt at "gourmet" Cake Pops. The center is chocolate cake like the others but the toppings are crushed pistachios, crushed peanuts, S'more, and just plain chocolate

I think the Dessert Auction will go well tomorrow.  There are a lot of other entries.  I am excited to see what else will be on the tables tomorrow!!

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